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A Novel Clear S8-SGTB Correcting Severe Class II Jaw Discrepancy

12 Jun 2024
Megaron Congress Centre - CH. Lambrakis Hall
Sponsored Symposia

The lecture overview: 1. What is the Smartee S8-SGTB? And the indications of it. 2. How Smartee S8-SGTB works? 3. Why S8-SGTB therapy were stable?

Class II jaw discrepancy is a challenging anomaly in orthodontic practice, especially in adults. Various types of functional appliances are used to correct Class II skeletal and occlusal disharmonies in young patients. We used a novel clear S8-SGTB to treat severe skeletal Class II malocclusion and mandibular retrognathia in adults. Normal overjet, overbite and Class I molar relationship were achieved because of the repositioning of mandible. Favorable skeletal, dental, and soft tissue relationships were accomplished after treatment. Also, the results remained stable.

Tao Guo - Shanghai Bybo Dental Hospital

Sponsored by 
Smartee Clear Aligner

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