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Clinical Excellence in Aligner Orthodontics: Doing as much as possible for the patient and as little as possible to the patient with SPARK aligners

12 Jun 2024
Megaron Congress Centre - CH. Lambrakis Hall
Sponsored Symposia

Aligner orthodontics was introduced about two decades ago mainly for minor cosmetic purposes. With time the spectrum of treatable orthodontic cases experienced a huge increase, including also complex cases that some years ago no orthodontist could imagine to treat with aligners. However due to the continuous increasing amount of aligner/plastic sheets producing companies, the clinician is called to choose wisely the optimal appliance, to fulfil every single aspect of an orthodontic treatment. This presentation will not only highlight the significant clinical advantages of the SPARK aligner system, but also open the mind to ideas, possibilities and principles of the Approver Software that the audience might not be aware of. Aim of the presentation is also to show what aspects of orthodontic treatment planning you have to take into account, in order to reach the mandatory level of clinical expertise with the SPARK aligner system.

Fotis V. Exarchou
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