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Pre-Congress Course: CBCT Volume Processing: Analysis, Diagnostic quality, Challenges

10 Jun 2024
Crowne Plaza - Ballroom CD
Pre-Congress Course

Speaker: Christos Angelopoulos DDS, MS, PhD

Date and time: Monday 10 June, 09:00 - 12:00

Location: Crowne Plaza Athens - Ballroom EF

Attendance: A ticket can be purchased during the main congress registration process.


Exploding clinical applications of CBCT data by various dental specialties are driving a demand for innovative image post processing, with advanced 3D computer graphic techniques, computer hardware and software advances and other innovations.  To provide for such a demand becomes more challenging as the data volume is increased and as the number of data providers (different CBCT machines) becomes wider. This presentation will provide a thorough approach to CBCT data analysis based on diagnostic needs, will address factors affecting diagnostic quality and discuss the various challenges of dealing with volume processing.


To explain the key factors which determine CBCT Image quality and their effect in diagnostic efficacy

To enhance CBCT data exploration via interactivity


To facilitate and familiarize the participants with navigation though the various anatomical structures of the maxilla-facial region

To widen the participants views of CBCT applications with focus on orthodontic diagnostic applications

Learning outcomes:

The participants will be able to understand the parameters affecting CBCT image quality and how to improve it

The participants will be familiarized with important anatomical structures of the maxilla-facial region relevant to Orthodontics

The participants will be exposed to various volume processing techniques in order to augment the expected diagnostic yield of a CBCT exam

Christos Angelopulos, University of Athens
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