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EJO Debate - Ai – Friend or foe? Perspectives from clinical practice, education and publishing



Prof. Yijin Ren

Prof. Yijin Ren (DMD, MSc, PhD, MBA) is the head of the Department of Orthodontics at the University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG), University of Groningen. She is also the program director for specialist training in orthodontics. Prof. Ren keeps an active practice in her department on patients with cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial anomalies. She is a consultant orthodontist in the Cleft Lip and Palate Team of Northern Netherlands.

Yijin Ren her research interests cover (oral) biofilms and biomaterials, tissue reactions during tooth movement, treatment of cleft lip and palate, and applications of 3D/4D imaging in clinical practice. She has published and lectured extensively on her research work in these fields. She has a h-index of 54, and over 11,000 citations.

Yijin Ren serves as a board member in a number of renowned national and international professional organizations and as an editorial member/associate editor in various scientific journals. She is the chairperson of the Orthodontics Consilium in the Netherlands, and the President-Elect 2029 of the EOS.

Rachel Moriarty

Rachel Moriarty has been working in academic publishing since joining Springer Nature as a Senior Editorial Assistant in 2009, following completion of an MSc in Publishing. 15 years on, she is an experienced Publisher, based in the UK, and working for Oxford University Press. She am passionate about contributing to the wider publishing community, and held the Early Career Publisher seat on the Board of the STM Association until December 2021. She was the Chair of the STM's Early Career Publishers Committee (ECPC) until October 2020, and was served on the ECPC as co-Chair of the Mentoring sub-Committee until December 2023. She now serves on the ECPC Advisory Committee. She regularly participates in webinars and mentoring programmes, aimed at developing the next generation of Publishers (as well as herself). In her spare time, she is also a Director of the North Merchiston Club, a charitable organisation and community centre based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Antonino Lo Giudice

Antonino Lo Giudice is Professor of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Catania. He is Specialist in Orthodontics (University of Catania) and Clinical Supervisor at the Post-Graduate Orthodontic Residency Program of the University of Catania. His research activity is focused on digital technologies and advanced 3D imaging techniques in orthodontics and pediatric orthodontics, as confirmed by many papers published in international journals. He is member of the S.I.D.O. (Italian Society of Orthodontics, A.A.O. (American Association of Orthodontics), W.F.O. (World Federation of Orthodontics) and E.O.S. (European Orthodontic Society).